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Matters pertaining to car accidents and personal injury can involve hyper-complex and nuanced legal issues that are best handled by a firm that specializes in these areas of law. Mathew Alden is a personal injury lawyer and car accident attorney in San Bernardino who provides aggressive representation, compassionate service, effective legal solutions, and expert advice regarding a broad range of issues related to car accidents, personal injury, probate, and trusts.


At Alden Law, you can get the representation you need from an attorney who can instruct you on the process of efficiently resolving your legal matter. Mathew Alden offers free consultations for most cases, and all personal injury cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, so you pay nothing unless you win. Get the support and representation you need and deserve by calling 909-414-0797.

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    Car Accident Lawyer & Personal Injury Attorney Serving San Bernardino & All of California

    As an experienced personal injury lawyer and car accident attorney in San Bernardino, Mathew Alden knows what it takes to find success in even the most complex cases. In addition to injury law, Mathew handles a broard range of cases pertaining to probate law.


    With a passion for justice and a commitment to excellence, accident attorney Mathew Alden stands as a trusted advocate for those seeking rightful compensation and resolution. Recognizing the challenges that victims and their families face, he tirelessly works to secure just compensation for his clients.


    In addition to his proficiency in personal injury and car accident law, attorney Mathew Alden is also a skilled probate attorney. Navigating the intricacies of probate can be overwhelming, especially during times of emotional stress. Attorney Alden brings a calm and reassuring presence, helping clients smoothly manage the probate process. Whether dealing with estate planning, wills, trusts, or estate administration, he offers personalized solutions tailored to each client’s unique situation.


    At the core of attorney Mathew Alden’s practice is a genuine dedication to his clients’ well-being. He understands that legal matters can be emotionally taxing, and his empathetic nature ensures that clients feel heard, supported, and informed every step of the way. With open lines of communication, he strives to demystify the legal process, making it accessible and understandable for all.


    As a fixture of the San Bernardino community, attorney Mathew Alden is deeply committed to the people he serves. He understands the local dynamics, legal landscape, and the challenges his clients may face. This localized expertise allows him to offer tailored solutions that take into account the unique aspects of each case. To discuss your legal matter or schedule a consultation, please call our office at 909-414-0797.

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    For most cases, yes. For all presonal injury cases, Mathew Alden offers free case evaluations.
    For all personal injury cases, attorney Alden does not charge any fees unless he wins compensation for you.
    It's advisable to connect with a personal injury attorney without delay. Failing to do so could lead to crucial evidence being inaccessible, essential deadlines being overlooked, or inadvertent mistakes that could compromise your case.